*** Now with Real Time Clock and Shutdown Button Capability ***

The Boat IO or Boat Input/Output, is a single circuit board that can be plugged into a Raspberry Pi. The Boat IO design is centered on monitoring the electronics and electrical systems on a modern boat. Many features have been embedded into the design to allow as much flexibility as possible:

  • GPS module

  • CAN Bus/NMEA 2000 interface

  • Eight Digital Inputs

  • Two Digital Outputs (0.5A)

  • Four Analog Inputs

  • NMEA0183 Interface

  • Two programmable LEDs

  • Real Time Clock

  • Shutdown Button Input

Each of the interfaces can be programmed using Python or other similar languages on the Pi.



BOAT IO has several interfaces
J2 - CAN bus  to connect to you existing NMEA2000 bus
J3 and J7 - Digital inputs to monitor status e.g. bilge pumps
J4 - Analog inputs to measure battery voltage
J5 - MMCX Connector for GPS Antenna
J8 - Serial connection for NMEA0183
J10 - Isolated outputs to control devices

connector diagram.png